Photographs by Frederik van Sluijs
He loves detail because it allows so many discoveries

From childhood on Frederik van Sluijs has been curious about the small parts that form the building blocks of an organism. This is already visible in the drawings he made as a child of seashells in which minute details come together in a coherent whole.
His focussed curiosity made him pursue a career as a veterinary surgeon. He became a specialist and a professor in surgery and is still working in this area.
Besides scientific articles he also published a book on surgical methods. The book contains an abundance of colourful photographs that are actually about nothing else than the detail. Surgical precision can only be achieved when you have attention to detail. The years of study and practice shaped and sharpened his vision. He learned not to rely on a rapid first impression but to look further, to investigate what makes things look like they appear to us. The process of unravelling appears to be a fascinating adventure that offers many surprises. It shows how a minute change can make a world of difference.
He has used photography in a broad sense as an aid in his professional career. But in recent years he chooses subjects outside the field of surgery. Although you should not underestimate the beauty of a finely veined skin.

The idea behind Frederik's photos is authentic. It is not affected by the advancing technical possibilities of photography. Many artists take up the digital brush to add something special to their work. Van Sluijs is not interested in these tools. His photographs reveal more than you see at a first glance and this initiates a reversal of thinking.
Creativity but also a vast experience in examining, in proper seeing give his photographs a thrill that make them more than just a simple image.

Claar Griffoen | East West Arts Utrecht